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About Protein Laboratories Rehovot

Protein Laboratories Rehovot (PLR) Ltd. was founded in August 2003. The company is jointly owned by Professor Arieh Gertler – holder of Karl Bach Chair in Agricultural Biochemistry of the Hebrew University, Israel who retired in October 2003, and Mr. Gopal Savjani from Houston, Texas, USA.

The Company produces biologically active recombinant proteins (mainly different cytokines and their soluble receptors), in E. coli, a know-how developed by Prof. Gertler during the last 20 years and unconditionally licensed to The Company by The Hebrew University and Yissum Co. PLR also has the know how to produce expression plasmids and recombinant proteins upon request. Those proteins can be produced in large (up to grams) quantities and be sold at very competitive prices. Recently PLR has developed a pegylation service for either existing, provided or custom made proteins. Furthermore PLR is the ONLY company selling leptin antagonists (mono-pegylated and non-pegylated) and mono-pegylated leptins.

PLR was founded without any major investments and its capital is based on the existing and novel expression plasmids, and the know-how of Prof. Gertler.

So far the Company has received orders for various recombinant proteins from commercial companies and research institutions. In addition to direct orders received mainly due to contacts of Prof. Gertler with companies and research institutions, PLR sells its products by agreements with other companies in Israel or abroad or directly to customers.