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Mr. Gopal Savjani - Director

With 35+ years of experience in the field of in vitro diagnostics, Gopal Savjani focuses his expertise of applied methods for getting results in the manufacturing of bio-chemical technology.


His theories and findings are so modern that he has become globally well-known for his result oriented research.

As an entrepreneur, Gopal recognizes and structures manufacturing companies specializing in creating new inventions and methods in the realm of medical science. His expert guidance has lead the way for manufactures and distributors through global networking, marketing a wide range of systems, technology, test kits and allied products associated with advanced bio-chemical diagnostic processes including cancer detection.

Gopal paved the way for research in the early warning assessment of bone loss, cancer and information based on science oriented medicine. He also pioneered a new technology for certain tests, whereby blood samples are converted into powder form for easy transportation, instead of older methods of transporting blood in its original form.

Gopal believes in a better tomorrow for all. His lifestyle, love of science and choice of profession are not only rewarding, they are dedicated to the commitment of improving the quality of life for all.