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Technical information


PLR specializes in making recombinant proteins in E. coli and has knowledge and experience executing all the steps of the process starting with palnning of the expressed gene and ending with the purified biologically active protein.

We start from planning the optimized sequence, over-expressing it as insoluble protein, purifying the inclusion bodies and finally refolding it as a biologically active protein and purifying to over 98% homogeneity by ion-exchange or gel filtration chromatography.

All our proteins are tested for purity using not only SDS-PAGE under denaturing conditions and reverse-phase chromatography but also by gel filtration chromatography to allow determination of biologically active monomers or dimers under non-denturating conditions.

The biological activity is determined using binding assays or bioassays in the product responsive cell lines. In addition we also perform stability studies and guide our customers in procedures allowing long storage (as powder or solutions) of our products. All our proteins are produced to ensure low endotoxin content and thus allowing their use in in vivo experiments. PLR provide also a service on bioassaying in vitro growth hormones, prolactins, placental lactogens, leptins, IL3, IL4 and IL10.

In general PLR prices are very competitive. Our pricing policy is very much quantity-oriented and we offer very special prices for bulk (up to grams) quantities.